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Our Story

We are a not-for-profit organization “Melbourne Artists Inc.” founded by Warpan Djoyo, Dyah Bazerghi, Candy Ng, Kelly Martini and Camila Paz.



Warpan Djoyo started the art community in Nov 2018. He has a vision that art journey does not have to be alone. It is very important for artists to work together, learn the best practices and support each other. It took 3 years for him to form a team who shares the same belief and also passionate in helping other artists. They worked together closely to bring this idea into reality.  In June 2021 Melbourne Artists Inc. officially become a not for profit organisation.



Our vision is:

Supporting artists in Victoria to gain more exposure and be recognised in Australia.

Melbourne Artists Inc. is an art community that has emerging and established artists associate members who are keen to share and eager to grow together, support artists identify as Indigenous, culturally and linguistically diverse, disability and LGBTQIA+ communities

Meet The Founders

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