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Natalie saunder

Cassie is an abstract artist based on Melbourne, Victoria. In her work, she explores the use of line, colour and texture to create canvases that ignite a sense of curiosity, spontaneity and adventure. Inspiration coI’m an artist based out of the beautiful West of Melbourne, born and raised in West Yorkshire, UK.

I work with acrylics for my abstract Artworks. Drawing from my Textile Design background, I enjoy working with textures and bold colours. I returned to painting not long after the birth of my Daughter in March 2020 during Melbourne’s seemingly never ending lockdown.

I do the vast majority of my painting during nap times and evenings. My main style is an Impasto and use a limited colour palette. I let the colours self mix on my painting knife and canvas to create a sea of colour that can invoke a different feeling in different lights, spotting new details with each change.mes in many forms, such as surrounding landscapes, music and personal experiences.

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